Registration of External Companies under the Companies Act of 1995

Any company registered or incorporated in a jurisdiction outside of Antigua and Barbuda can conduct business in Antigua and Barbuda by registering as an external company under the Companies Act. The registration of a foreign company or entity as an external company requires the completion of several documents.

NMSL’s team will assists with the registration process by expeditiously preparing all required documentation. However, clients must provide NMSL with copies of the following company documentation which were issued by the jurisdiction in which the company was originally incorporated:


  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Articles of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum of Association;
  • By-laws;
  • Certificate of Good-standing; and
  • Any amendments to original documents.


All of the above documents must be filed in English. Original documents which are not filed in English must be submitted with a certified translation by a notary public.

The actual registration process takes at least five to seven (5 to 7) business days upon submission of the required corporate documents to the Antigua and Barbuda IPCO.


Annual Returns

An Annual Return for each registered company must be filed in the prescribed form to the Antigua and Barbuda IPCO by April 1st each year containing information up to December 31st of the preceding year and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee. The Annual Return must be signed by a director or an authorized officer of the Company.


Corporate Tax

Companies incorporated under the Companies Act are normally required to pay corporate tax at the rate of 35% per annum.

To assist in the registration of an external company under the Companies Act, download and complete the application form then submit it to NMSL.