Incorporation of Companies Under the International Business Corporations Act 1982, As Amended

Incorporation of companies under the IBC Act provides for speedy formation of IBCs at very competitive fees. Incorporation is usually completed within 24 hours. Each IBC must have a registered office and a licensed corporate management service provider in Antigua and Barbuda who is responsible for maintaining its records and processing its information with the FSRC. Some of the benefits provided to international companies formed under the IBC Act include:

  • No minimum capital is specified for an IBC and shares may have a nominal or no par value;
  • Transfer of the charter of an IBC to a foreign jurisdiction, or vice versa, is explicitly permitted; and
  • The board of directors of a corporation may consist of a single member.

To assist in the incorporation of companies under the IBC Act, download and complete the application form then submit it to NMSL.